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Tim Finlayson has been directed by God to teach people "how to get free and stay free" through the revelation of the Word of God and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. As President of Tim Finlayson Ministries, Inc., he is fulfilling that call on his life by way of teaching cds, revival services and seminars.


In December of 2003, Tim Finlayson became Pastor of Brevard Worship Center. As Pastor, the commission of teaching freedom has not changed. He continues to teach the revelation of freedom through Christ to Brevard County, Florida, by teaching believers how to get free and stay free. The vision of Brevard Worship Center under the leadership of Pastor Finlayson is to "Gather the Harvest, Heal the Hurting, and to Build Up the Body of Christ".


Pastor Finlayson grew up in a Pastor's home. He met his wife Trish while attending Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. They are the parents of two daughters, Michelle and Hope. The Finlaysons have also served as Senior Pastor of churches in Illinois and Tennessee.

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